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Aimbot and Anti-Cheat Exploration and Discussion

An experiment of auto-aim mechanic for all FPS games using neural network and AI humanoid posture recognition. Experiment and discussion of anti-cheat only.

What I've Done:

  • Created a universal FPS game aimbot using AI and buried it in the private repository, trying to demonstrate and explain its threat to the games on the market.

First Note:

  • I will seriously fight against all kinds of cheats in games.

  • This is only an exploration of how AI could ruin modern FPS games and the methods to fight against it. Therefore, only part of the code was released. is made private.

  • Only common functionalities such as mouse input, screen capture, and AI posture estimation are public.

  • I'm not responsible for any consequences caused by modifying or rewriting the code.

  • All Experiments are done with bots. It was never used in official matches.


  • As neural network and AI is evolving, the technology of face recognition becomes better over time, which also provides new methods to cheat in FPS games.

  • Different from traditional cheats which fetch the information from servers, this AI-based cheat does not use any of the internal game data.

  • Similar to how the player plays the game, it just looks at the computer screen and clicks on the detected head position, which makes it almost impossible to be detected.

  • Currently, it seems that encrypting or hiding the mouse data could be one way to fight against this cheat.


  • The aimbot can handle all kinds of humanoid bodies in FPS games such as CSGO, Back For Blood, and Remnant: From The Ashes.

  • The accuracy is relatively high. Although sometimes it will miss a few shots, this is inevitably a concerning problem if the model is well-trained for a specific game on the market.

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